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The Gender Violence Services Coordinators (GVSCs) love to connect with our campus community. We welcome requests for outreach, education, and trainings from student and employee groups, university classes, offices and departments, other campus entities and community resources.

Outreach, education, and trainings can cover a variety of topics such as how to support individuals impacted by gender-based violence and harassment, campus resources and options for support and reporting, and how to build trauma-informed spaces on our campus. The GVSCs are happy to collaborate with other offices on campus, too, if that’s helpful for the focus of the education or outreach. We’re also open to brainstorm and plan other topics that may be of interest to a group.  

The GVSCs can provide on-site confidential emotional support for programs or events that may be happening on campus related to gender-based violence or harassment.  

Please use the form below to request GVSC outreach. We try to accommodate as many requests as possible, but depending on volume and timing of requests, we may not be able to provide support for all requests. If the GVSCs are not available, we’ll work to help identify other possible resources who may be able to assist.  

GVSC Outreach Request Form

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